Que Vaya Bien

Roy Brown * Tito Auger * Tao Rodríguez-Seeger

"Five stars... one the 10 finest productions of  2006. Roy, Toto & Tao renew la nueva canción with blues, country & Caribbean riffs, inspiring us to reflect on who we are and where we're going as people and as a society. " - Jaime Torres Torres  El Nuevo Día San Juan Puerto Rico

Roy Brown’s music was formed in the social movements of the ‘70s. Roy has since come to embody his country’s soulful independence of spirit. His widely beloved songs draw on Puerto Rico’s rich poetry and folklore. They speak to universal longings for social justice, a healthy environment, an end to war, and respect for one another.


Tito Auger fronts Puerto Rico’s legendary rock band Fiel a la Vega. His electrifying performances combine the roots rock influence he picked up in New Jersey with a joyous, powerful Puerto Rican foundation. As a soloist, his songs are deeply poetic and captivating. 


Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, raised in Nicaragua, is usually on the road with The Mammals - a rocking folk ensemble that delights audiences across the USA and beyond.  Tao also accompanies his grandpa Pete on banjo, guitar & vocals around the world .


Roy, Tito & Tao met up for shows in New York and New Haven about a year ago and found they had a world in common – love of traditional folk music from Latin America and the US and similar feelings about the role of music in the world today.  They immediately hit it off as musicians and friends.  ‘Que Vaya Bien,’ the CD, came together at Roy’s studio in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico over the summer and was released in Puerto Rico on November 24. Many of the island’s finest musicians back the trio, together with Andrew Reissiger of Dromedary on the charango. ‘Que Vaya Bien’ draws from Puerto Rican roots, contemporary ballads, Pete Seeger’s legacy, Garcia-Lorca’s Spain, the indigenous people of Guatemala, and rollicking anti-authoritarian Appalachian tradition.  ‘Que Vaya Bien’ is a heady combination of influences which seamlessly combine in delightful music that refreshes the soul, lifts the spirits, and inspires.

Musicians: Tito Auger, Roy Brown, Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, Andrew Reissiger, Toni Asencio, Tito Rodríguez, Tato Santiago, Luis Vélez Pesante, Walter Morciglio, Ricardo Dávila, Luis Períco Ortiz, Alcides Rodríguez Hernández.

Produced by Tito Auger, Roy Brown, Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, Walter Wagoner & David Rodríguez

“Que Vaya Bien” with Roy Brown, Tito Auger and Tao Rodríguez-Seeger (on banjo and harmonica) has already captured the public’s affection with the hilarious “El Banquete de los Sánchez,” a spoof of our holiday feasts – and the supposed media blackout it briefly endured. But “Que Vaya Bien” is a lot more than “El Banquete…” Latin American nueva canción, traditional country, la bomba, and the blues stretch out on this recording with exceptional musicality and timely themes. ‘Que Vaya Bien,’ (Well May the World Go), ‘Cosecha los que siembres’ (Reap What You Sow), and ‘Canción pa’ Cieba,’ are just a few of the other works on this five star offering, which we will certainly count among the 10 best productions of 2006. - POR JAIME TORRES TORRES Sábado 16 de Diciembre de 2006 / El Nuevo Día

Que Vaya Bien:’ “… it’s a new combination of rhythm and sound from three distinct personalities in a satisfying whole. They sing of the world’s open wounds in songs like (Woody Guthrie’s) ‘Deportado,’ ‘Los Austentes’ and ‘Señores de la Guerra.’ Tao’s participation lends a healthy connection to the North of Walt Whitman and Pete Seeger. It opens frontiers and crosses borders.  It couldn’t come at a better time!” - Jorge Medina, host of ‘Cantar America’ WRTU-FM San Juan.

"This collaboration recalls Roy’s ground-breaking work with Cuba’s Silvio Rodríguez in the 80s.  Roy is now at a peak thanks to his long list of hits and his personal stature. Tito has gained wide respect both in rock and nueva canción for his music, his lyrics, and his militant idealism. The remarkable and intriguing added ingredient is Pete Seeger’s grandson Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, with his banjo and harmonica adding folk-rock and rockabilly to the mix. ‘Que Vaya Bien’ includes Woody Guthrie’s “Deportee” and music inspired by Pete Seeger. The arrangements are fresh and original, with violin, Venezuelan cuatro, charango, Latin percussion, keyboards and harmonica adding diverse colors and contrasts in a unified whole. Even the straight-out protest songs appeal to the ear as well as the heart. ‘Que Vaya Bien’ swings with infectious joy." - Jorge Meléndez, El Vocero, San Juan PR

"El Banquete de los Sanchez" is an exquisite piece of musical composition. Well written, composed, arranged, played, and recorded. Congratulations Roy Tito and Tao! - Valeriano Ramos

Listen to co-producer Walter Wagoner describe the making of 'Que Vaya Bien' on the Doug Echols Show, WPKN-FM Community Radio in Bridgeport CT (17 minutes 8MB mp3, with three complete songs) Click Here: WPKN-FM

Hear Roy Tito & Tao on "Friday Wake-up Call with Mario Murillo" WBAI-FM, New York

YouTube Videos


'Que Vaya Bien (el mundo)'


'Banquete de los Sánchez'


'Sólo le pido a Dios,'  live New Haven CT 2-3-2006

with Criollo Clasico (José González, Ahmed González, Rene González & Lorena Garay)


'Well May the World Go' with Pete Seeger & 'Que Vaya Bien' (live)

(Free Speech Festival, Becket MA 10-1-2006)


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